The value of money

These days, I see it everywhere: money is the most important thing in the world. Money is The New God. The pursuit to make profit at all cost goes before the people, before the environment, before ethics and common sense. Many of the actors who played a role in the melt-down of the US housing market perfectly knew what they were doing. Many of the actors playing on the Dutch scene just gambled their way to collapse. To which extent should we speculate to create money with money if we know it’s going to go wrong some day? It’s like collecting and selling the steel of your own boat and jump out to let it sink once you’ve made enough profit (and mostly once it became to dangerous to go further because there is never enough profit made…).
What value should we actually attribute to money? Money used to be a means for trading goods. Now money has become a goal in itself.
For the Museum Night, I made small hand-crafted ceramic coins that I will use to pay objects or raw materials. By using this alternative coins, I in fact go back to the origins of money. I make money physical again. I bring it back to what it was in the beginnings: a shell, a piece of metal or a piece of paper; something that gets a value by convention; something you give to get an object of real value; something you get in exchange of given goods; something you will give away again in an endless chain of buying and paying.