Museumnacht Delft / Museum Night Delft

On October 25th, I’ll be showing some work (video, installation) during the Museum Night in Delft. To echo my own work, I asked Daan den Houter and Ieke Trinks to participate and to have performances or (videos of) actions.

The Museum Night will be the kickstart of a project where I’m collecting some materials that I want to transform into artworks, research ideas as reuse, barter and the notion of what an artwork is (supposed to be).

In line with my masters’ graduation project, I keep exploring the financial world and the crisis, but this time with a twist: the theme of this year’s Museum Night is “In natura” or in English “In kind”. That’s why I will set up a temporary exchange office where visitors can bring objects or raw materials for me to turn into artworks in the weeks following the Museum Night. In return visitors will get small artwork made especially for the Museum Night. Visitors will also have the possibility to buy mini gold bars, leave messages behind etc. And in addition, every hour a performance, an action or a “meet & greet” with the artists will take place.

So come along and bring objects or raw material!

See for details (locations, events, etc.).